This second edition provides a practical guide for college students that function as mentors, tutors, leaders, or counselors for their peer groups. Students Helping Students incorporates:This book is a practical guide for helping students get through the busy school year. Rather than being a dry run for a standardized test, helping students get through the school year effectively is a real life experience for most students. Students in this book also help to create a school day/school year calendar and a work plan that will help any teacher effectively teach with The book has an inspiring look at students' motivation, determination, and success. Students in this book gain skills in goal-setting, time management, goal-setting, and stress relief.Dr. Marta Karcher is an associate professor at Graduate Institute of Management Services, Zee University, Haifa, Israel. She is a leading elementary school psychologist and a contributor to various journals related to child and adolescent development. This third edition of her popular book, Students Helping Students Learn, is an improved version of her first book, Students Helping Others Learn. This book is important because it gives a student-centered view of how teachers and school psychologists should intervene when students need help. This third edition includes more comprehensive discussions of academic and behavioral issues that school psychologists need to address as they help students learn.

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